Conveying a story within a game consists of immersing the player in the game, compelling them to follow a connected series of events. These events will have a start and an end (unless there is DLC or it’s an MMORPG) with some essence of a plot, classically between a hero and villain. These are the basics within almost all storytelling media.

Within some games, I have recently experienced that the story aspect has been thrown out the window. There may be characters and a goal but something stops the player from caring about the why, who and how. This could be from the new generation of gamers wanting to pump an enemy full of bullets without knowing just as to why you are doing it. The problem with not having a story enveloped within the game may cause the player to just mindlessly play a game with no perception of satisfaction on completing the level or the game. When I have played games like this I feel like everything is repetitive and there could be no conclusion towards fulfilment, basically you have just wasted your money and time for a game that could have had so much potential.

I understand that some games may not need a fully immersive story as the multiple other aspects of the game can render a story unnecessary. However, when I think about the games I remember the most, they tend to be games that were released before 2005 (such as; Final Fantasy VII, Max Payne, Shadow of The Colossus, Legend of Zelda, Metal Gear Solid, Deus Ex, Legacy of Kain) with some exceptions; I believe this is because of the large amount of time and detail that creators would have to put into making a story for the world we were about to enter. I think we rely too much on graphics and the violence (don’t worry I love a super violent game myself too) to realise that there is a minimal story that could actually drive you further into the game, giving you all the more satisfaction. Bearing this in mind, if at any chance you play a game with me and you skip the narrative story and scenes, then be prepared for death!

Addressing this ‘problem’, it might just be me, because I feel like maybe a few years from now I will load up my PC or console and start a game where I’m just given a weapon and an enemy and once they are dead, then I do the same thing again on the next level. That to me sounds lazy and boring. Also, what would you do if you bought a book, comic book, film and there was a slither of story?

To conclude, I am not saying every single game needs a story but there are a lot out there that need a strong story to make the game more entertaining for people who actually care about the lore and development, because we are out there. Maybe this could open people up to actually considering how the story can make the game more engaging and ultimately memorable and therefore have the recognition of the time that was spent to create this universe for YOU.

Thank you.