Surviving Mars Review for PC.

Surviving Mars, one of my favourite games of 2018 so far, is a real-time city building game by Paradox Interactive, based around the concept of colonizing Mars. Players must make sure their colonists survive in the harsh environments of the red planet by providing food, water, and other materials to expand your colony. Over the course of the game, the player is evaluated on how they are doing and specific missions are given, which must be completed before the next evaluation.

As a fan of sci-fi and strategy/city building I love when the three genres combine, and I wasn’t disappointed, there is a wide array of buildings and technologies which you can research. At first, you are given a simple and easy to understand tutorial which explains the mechanics of the game.

Surviving MarsOnce you complete the tutorial you can proceed to the game proper, at the beginning, you have to rely on supply ships and prefabricated buildings. Eventually, through research, your colony becomes self-sufficient. Despite playing the game for hours I don’t think there is an endgame a final goal, which may hurt it if you like games to actually finish. Those of us that enjoy an endless game where we can perfect our cities or colonies will be happy enough for hours of fun.

Like most Paradox Interactive games, Surviving Mars supports mods from the steam workshop, which helps if you find yourself getting bored of the vanilla game. However, like all mod enabled Paradox games, the mods are game version dependent which means that as soon as the game updates, all mods end up breaking or in the case of Surviving Mars disables mods even if they do work perfectly fine.

Overall, I enjoyed playing the game and have gotten many hours of gameplay out of it. I hope it follows the same trend of most Paradox games and adds more DLC to further expand on the city building fun. If you love city building, strategy or even just the concept of colonising Mars (which can be educational in the right setting), you may find this game to be to your liking. I certainly recommend giving it a try.