Who’s hungry? Yeah me too… Like all the time. Well then let’s all celebrate our love of food with a run down of the world’s tastiest, most mouthwatering cuisines that you may not have heard of continent by continent.


Francesinha – Portugal

Let me just warn you, this is a meal and a half, not just a light snack… Just imagine a steak sandwich, with chorizo, ham, sausage and a rich tomato sauce, drenched in melted edam, with a fried egg on the top… Thats Francesinha!



Paksiyo Baboy Bisaya- Phillipines

This is a little different to our humble stew. Translated as “pork banana claypot” this dish is just another delicious example of Asia’s pairing of meat and fruit. Soy sauce and vinegar make up most of the sauce to give it a salty yet sharp flavour.



Kelewele- Ghana

Kelewele is a dish made from fried plantain- a close relative of the banana- and can be served sweet or savory. For dessert the plantains are typically seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger however it can also be paired with onion, chilli, and beans for a savory snack or side dish. Everyone has their own Kelewele recipe so no two are the same.


South America

 Brigadiero- Brazil

With very few ingredients but lots of potential for variety;  this Brazilian chocolate truffle can be and is eaten by everyone from old to young, rich to poor. In its simplest form just consisting of condensed milk, cocoa power and butter. However often enhanced with almond or hazelnut power. During preparation it can be hard to wait until it cools and make them into little balls so many people prefer ‘spoon brigadiero’ straight from the pot.


North America

Smoked Brisket-Texas

After hours of smoking over oak and hickory wood it looks like a sad, burnt cut of meat. However slicing open this beauty reveals beautiful, melt in your mouth, juicy meat. Usually served in sandwiches, alongside your two veg or pulled with BBQ sauce.



 Whitebait Fritter- New Zealand

Mainly comprised of juvenile fish, this crispy omelette doesn’t sound all that appealing, however whitebait is a Kiwi delicacy at $70 a kilo and is only eaten in netting season (Sept- Nov) to ensure freshness. Again, many personalise the dish to their taste but traditionally only the egg white is used and it is only lightly seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon to preserve the taste of the whitebait.


So there we have it. Let us know in the comments the foods that surprised you the most, and the ones that you’d love to try! Francesinha is a personal favourite! Hope this hasn’t made you too hungry!