The Elder Scrolls: Blades – An Introduction

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a mobile game on Android and iOS, created by Bethesda. It’s a city-builder with RPG elements similar to Fallout: Shelter. You are a Blade that has to go into hiding after the white-gold concordat abolished the Blades. You flee to your home that’s inexplicably hidden from the imperial eyes. Unfortunately for you, on your way home, you find your hometown in flames. The meat and potatoes of the game revolves around you completing quests to get materials, and then repair your ravaged home.

The Positives

The game plays well for an Early Access title, and it’s graphics are up there with at least PlayStation 3 level games. The movement and combat is a bit clunky, so don’t expect Devil May Cry levels of excitement. The game has spells, skills, weapons, and armour. You are able to learn, as you level up, explore the dungeons, and complete quests. Compared to most other mobile games, it’s an improvement.

The Negatives

Most levels and mission maps are very linear, and there’s a wisp guiding you, making the game very hand-holdy. There’s also no open-world, and most monsters are the same ones over and over again.

The most egregious part of this game is it’s in-game store. The Gems (in-game currency) is used to speed up buildings, repairs, crafting, and opening chests. The chests costing 1 gem, 36 gems, or more to open, or open instantly depending on if your in mission, or in town. You can also buy more chests, the chest opening screen expounds after you open all you chests. This is predatory business practice, and marks this as yet another freemium game, putting content behind paywalls or exceedingly long times for buildings, crafting, repairs to finish, or opening chests. Everything about this game funnels the player to buy gems, including revive scrolls which are mandatory later in the game. Content is lacking, and quests are repetitive and will get boring after a while.


The Elder Scrolls: Blades is decent enough, and I am going to keep playing. But I say only play it if your a fan of The Elder Scrolls games, or only if you can withstand purchasing gems and the punishing times things will take. If not, I would avoid it. And even if you do play it, be ready to turn it off and not play it more than you will actually play it.