By James Denham

The Xbox 360

Released by Microsoft on the 22nd of November 2005. Over the next eleven years, it sold 84 million units worldwide and became one of the best gaming consoles of the early 2000s. I became an Xbox owner when I was 12-years-old. I have played it for many years and below are my conclusion about the best and worst aspects of the console.

Thoughts about the Xbox

First, I found the console to be aesthetically pleasing, I owned the Halo Reach edition (as featured above) and I found the grey colour and the halo engraving made it much more appealing than the standard version. While the standard edition is no visual slouch either, it is unable to compare to the added bells and whistles that the Halo edition provided. Additional there were custom sound effects on start-up, which reinforced the proper Halo experience. Finally, the software received a custom halo overall, which made it look good and enticing while maintaining clear functionality.

The Xbox had good features built in too, for example, 250GB hard drive meant I never ran out of space for the games I played. Some of the games were Xbox exclusive which meant they were not available anywhere else such as The Halo Series, Fable 2, Minecraft and Titanfall (which at the time was only on Xbox).

Xbox Live Party

Xbox Live Party (an online chat service) was overall good to use the system: it was quick, easy to use and the quality of the voice chat was always clear. The main downside to this was that it was not an integrated service, rather you had to pay for it on a yearly basis. At £40 a year it was quite cheap and most gamers opted into paying for it because the benefits were numerous.  However, when compared directly to the PlayStations voice service, PlayStation Network, we can see that there are some shortcoming. Namely, PlayStation decided to offer its voice service for free rather than at cost. Since the quality of this free service was as good as Microsoft’s one could argue that Xbox Live Party was not, in fact, good value for money, since a similar product was offered for free.

Xbox Updates

Another downside was the update (the update was fix bugs in the games console and give you DLC if it was for a game). The update would take half an hour to load once it was updated you had to update it again.


There are some downsides owning an Xbox, overall it is my favourite games console compare to the PS3, even though games consoles in 2019 are faster and more powerful than ever I think that you could still use an Xbox 360 today and still be happy using one. It is one of the most loved consoles ever released and it is not hard to see why.