Top 10 Facts About


       1. Sonic Was Originally Called Mr Needlemouse

During development of the first sonic game he was originally called Mr Needlemouse and the name Mr Needlemouse was translated to Mr Hedgehog in Japanese also it was codename ”Project Needlemouse” for the official game of Sonic The Hedgehog 4 but later it in development it change to Sonic The Hedgehog.


 2. Sonic Design Got Influences From Famous Figurers

 The Sonic Creator Ohshima borrowed some features on famous icons to design Sonic’s design like he got his head design from Felix The Cat, his body design from Mickey Mouse, shoes design from Michael Jackson boots from his album Bad and got his colour of his shoes from Santa Claus.

3. Sonic Was Originally Suppose To Have a Human Girlfriend Named Madonna

Also during development he was suppose to have luxurious human girlfriend named Madonna but this idea was scraped by Sega because they thought it was to inappropriate for kids but when Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 released this idea came back and instead of Madonna Elise is the human girlfriend for Sonic.

4.  Michael Jackson Was Hired To Write The Music For Sonic 3

Talking about Michael Jackson he also wrote the music for Sonic 3 but he was not credited for composing the music and the credits music of Sonic 3 was actually one his song Stranger in Moscow.

 5. Sonic Drowns Because Sega Thinks That Hedgehogs Can’t Swim

Sega put one of Sonic’s fears and that fear is the fear of drowning or aquaphobia because Sega thinks that hedgehogs can’t swim but actually hedgehogs can swim fine.


6. Dr Eggman Was Dr Robotnik’s Original Name In Japan

Sonic fans in the west thought Robotnik was Eggman’s real name well technically in the western version it is true but in the original Japanese version it was always Eggman.

7. Sonic Was Originally To Be A Rabbit Called Feel The Rabbit

 Another early development fact about Sonic he was originally going to be a Rabbit called Feel but like the Mr Needlemouse name it got scraped because they thought it wouldn’t be as popular as they wanted because they were competing against Nintendo.

8. Dr Eggman’s Moustache Is Fake

In the files of Sonic Adventure 2 there was an voice file which has Omochao saying that Dr Eggman’s moustache is fake but it was removed by Sega because they didn’t want it to be an odd fact in the cannon.


9. Sonic Was The First Video Game To Be In Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Sonic was the first video game character to have a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade but unfortunately it was the first balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day to pop from gusts of wind and crashed into a light pole but had a another parade with a new balloo in 2011.

10. Sonic’s Archie Comics Is The Longest Comic Series To Be Based On A Video Game

Sonic Archie Comics was the longest running comics series about a video game but sadly it is coming to a end and this comic book series was running for 24 years.