Derren Brown’s VR experience!



Let’s talk Derren Brown and his new vr experience at Thorpe park and lets look at VR in other theme parks too.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

The first VR ride

The first VR roller coaster was actually in Germany and was called Alpenexpress Coastiality. This roller coaster opened September 17th 2015 and world’s first roller coaster dedicated to Virtual Reality.

This ride resides at Europa park. The ride involves the passengers get on an actual roller coaster except wearing VR headsets. The roller coaster itself takes them physically around a track whereas inside the headset they are experiencing a virtual coaster while still feeling on the outside that they really are going around a track. Brilliantly bringing the physical experience and VR together.

How VR makes an experience feel real

VR is looking to be the next step in not just gaming but used in many different areas of life and future possibilities leading off from that .

VR really enhances the experience by by offering you full 360 degree view while wearing the headset and immersing the world in which it wants to show you.

There’s unlimited possibilities as to what you can do with VR even moving beyond rides and gaming. Overall VR helps immerse you in the experience by altering your surroundings and making you feel like you are essentially somewhere else.

Derren Brown’s VR experience


With its first opening in 2016, Derren browns ride back in July was a sight to be seen. When it was later re imagined in 2017 being under the name of “Rise of the demon”. The ride added a brand new destination in its 2017 release.  Derren Brown’s VR experience does not fail to spook if not open the minds of its patrons. The ride utilizes its VR by having the passengers sit on a well made train with a very realistic interior. Aided by the staff that manage the ride, the passengers embark on a thrilling journey.

The VR takes the riders to another dimension of thrills and new experience while in a confined space but don’t worry, if you’re not up to the challenge you can always close your eyes but the fun only comes when you open yourself to the experience!

My experience

I can’t write about the ride without first experiencing it myself so that’s exactly what I did.

The majority of this ride, is unfortunately sworn to secrecy and it would be unfitting of me to spoil the thrills for potential passengers but i will divulge here what I think is appropriate.

The ride is operated using VR headsets on a indoor train and helped out by the staff but once the headset is on.. The true ride begins.

The ride made me feel thrills and suspense i didn’t expect to feel using VR, the ride made me feel immersed in what I was seeing and possibly feeling…

I very much enjoyed my time riding Derren brown’s ghost train and would definitely try it out again to test my will and senses. I can say, the ride’s not over till you leave the park.