By Robert Allen

Can players get too good at video games?

The main objective of a video game is to keep the player playing. But do some games do this TOO well, and create negative vibes within the community when skill levels of the average player get higher and higher.

This is especially present in multiplayer games that don’t have ‘skill-based matchmaking’ that matches you with people with similar amounts of experience to you.

Games that don’t have these special features has the potential to put brand new players against some of the best players in the world.

However, the bigger problem is the average player getting better and better which causes the game to become unenjoyable.


Fortnite – Can players get too good:

As Fortnite becomes closer to becoming my least favorite game, I thought I’d mention it first to get it out of the way.

However, Fortnite is possibly the biggest culprit of players getting better, and making things harder and less fun. What started off as a fun, cartoony shooter has turned into an unbalanced mess with players getting 15-kill wins in matches where some of the worst players roam.

Epic Games, the controversial company who created Fortnite, has shown a refusal to add skill-based matchmaking but they have tried to change the way the game ‘flows’ by adding weapons and removing others to try to cater to the less able players.

This, however, causes negativity and tension around the community when Epic Games tries to make new players better.

Items such as the Stormwing Plane and the Boom Box gave players massive advantages, with the Planes being able to instantly kill players and their buildings while Boom Boxes immediately destroyed all buildings around them while also partially blocking vision and worsening audio.

The plane was removed after almost three months and the Boom Box was removed after three weeks.

With the increasing size of the community, it will only get harder to become noticed in the community.

Recently Epic Games is trying harder and harder to give bad players a better chance at winning, such as adding the ‘Arena’ game mode where much better players can go against each other for potential monetary rewards.

While I still dislike the game, I respect Epic Games for knowing their community and trying their best to make all parties have an enjoyable time.


Geometry Dash – Can players get too good

Geometry Dash - Can players get too good:

This 2D platforming game based around music includes user-made levels and a fairly large player base. While it doesn’t have the same problems Fortnite does, the best players keep getting better and better, and a level that was considered almost impossible 2 years ago now has more than 30 victors.

This level is now only the 5th hardest level in the game and will soon barely be in the top 10. Some Geometry Dash players are concerned about the game they love dying out because the players are getting too good at the game.

I disagree with that statement. This game’s community is loyal and people watch videos of level completions even if it’s been completed 100 times before.

A level with over 200 completions can still get a large number of views, and even if it’s nothing different to every other video of it, people will still watch and leave positive responses and admire the skill of the player, unlike Fortnite where even a 20 kill game can barely get you 250 views if you’re fairly unknown, which is absolutely tiny for such a huge achievement.

Something like this is showing the truly best players in the game, and achievements like these deserve at least a few thousand views.

Even in videos of easier levels, the Geometry Dash community can still leave positive comments.

The size of the community of this game is perfect, and if it got too big players will start getting less and less recognition for their achievements.

Right now the hardest level in Geometry Dash is the three-minute long ‘Zodiac’, which has had only one victor in the 3 months it has been released, but that record will soon be beaten with a harder and bigger level.

The only victor of Zodiac took him around an entire month to complete. Before beating it, he died at 97% which is only a tiny amount of clicks before completion. After this, it took him another few days to beat.


It’s mainly present in multiplayer games and increasing skill levels makes the game less and less fun, which makes new and even professional players stop playing.

This is also present in single-player games but professional players of games like Geometry Dash mainly stop due to finger pains and not the difficulty of newer levels.

Luckily with Geometry Dash the hard levels aren’t the only ones that get released. When one hard level is released around 10-15 ‘easy’ levels are also released.  

In Geometry Dash, since it is a single player game, absolutely ANYONE has the potential to become the best player in the game if they have a computer, patience, and time.