The top 10 highest rated Steam games of Q2 2019 based on Steam user reviews.

2019 got off to an impressive start with some interesting Steam releases in its first quarter, now it’s time to look at the second quarter. Today, we’ll be counting down the top 10 highest rated Steam games of Q2 2019. This list is based on Steam’s user review system. To clarify, the game had to have released between 1st April 2019 – 30th June 2019 to qualify. We’ll be including Early Access releases during this period as well. Let’s get to it.

10. Beat Saber

21st May, 2019 (Out of Early Access) | Beat Games | Steam Store Page

This VR rhythm game was actually the highest rated game on Steam when it initially released in Early Access last year. Now that the game has fully released, it’s still being enjoyed by many. The fully released version now includes a level editor.

9. Supraland

5th April, 2019 | Supra Games | Steam Store Page

Supraland is set inside a child’s sandbox, and combines exportation, puzzles, and combat. The game is praised for its puzzles (often being compared to Portal), and wide exploration without it ever holding your hand.

8. Backbone: Prologue

24th April, 2019 | EggNut | Steam Store Page 

A free demo of an upcoming detective point and click adventure. The game has impressed many with its pixel art style, noir theme, soundtrack, and story. Naturally, this has got many excited for the full game.


20th June, 2019 (Out of Early Access) | Indefatigable | Steam Store Page

Retro-inspired first-person shooter. The game’s rerto-inspired visuals, dark fantasy theme, and action-oriented gameplay have caused many to dub it as a spiritual successor to the 1994 game Heretic.

6. Dungeon Munchies

6th June, 2019 (Early Access) | maJAja | Steam Store Page

Side-scrolling action RPG where players hunt down monsters to cook and eat in order to survive. Steam users have praised the game for its pixel art, monster variety, and humorous story. Currently, the game doesn’t have much content due to it being an Early Access release.

5. My Friend Pedro

20th June, 2019 | DeadToast Entertainment | Steam Store Page

2.5D side-scrolling shooter with acrobatics, slow motion, …… and a talking banana. My Friend Pedro has impressed many with its inventive mechanics, tight controls, and variety of weapons.

4. Neon Beats

3rd May, 2019 | OKYO GAMES | Steam Store Page

Side-scrolling rhythm platformer that’s drawing comparisons to Geometry Dash. Many people enjoyed it’s simplistic visuals, soundtrack, and tight controls. Very short, but hard to complain about that when it’s free.

3. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

18th June, 2019 | ArtPlay | Steam Store Page

Metroidvania game lead by former Casltevania series producer, and is considered a spiritual successor to the series. The game is being well received due to it’s RPG elements, combat, exploration, and soundtrack.

2. Muse Dash

20th June, 2019 | PeroPeroGames | Steam Store Page

Another rhythm based game, and the highest rated one on the list. Muse Dash is praised for its colourful visuals, addicting music, and attention to detail.

1. Katana ZERO

18th April, 2019 | Askiisoft | Steam Store Page

Interestingly, Katana ZERO, along with My Friend Pedro means we have two games published by Devolver Digital on this list. This fast-paced action-platformer tops the list due to its satisfying combat system, powerful story, and brilliant soundtrack.