Ten of the most beautiful women in video games.

Before we get start, a few rules. 1)This is purely my subjective opinion on the character’s appearance. 2) Don’t take it too seriously remember these are fictional characters. 3) One character per series. 4) The order isn’t fixed and 10 is no lesser than 1. Here are the top 10 most beautiful women in video games.

10. Felix Argyle – Re:Zero

felix, argyle, ferris, rezero, starting, life wallpaper for ANDROID & IPHONE & WHATSAPP
Felix is an attractive catgirl that is a knight of Crusch Karsten of the Kingdom of Lugnica. Ferris has flax coloured hair and yellow eyes. Her casual wear consists of a blue collar with a ribbon, a blue dress, black tights, blue leggings, blue shoes, white arm covers, and a blue scarf tied around her right arm.

Ferris’ cat-like appendages are a result of her ancestors having Demi Human blood and because of this, she was mistreated by her parents. The white and blue ribbons that she wears in her hair are a gift from Crusch and she always wears them no matter what she’s wearing.

Felix is loyal to Crusch who saved her from her parent’s abuse and gave Felix a new home.

She acts very cutesy and enjoys teasing men, especially Subaru the main protagonist of Re:Zero, is fun to watch.

9. Bayonetta

bayonetta 2

Lithe, sexy, and domineering. This femme fatale will leave you wondering what the hell just happened 9 times out of ten. To her long (really long) raven black her, her beauty mark, and really tight leather jump suit that just screams sex appeal. There is no way I couldn’t put her in this list. And her posh, British voice is silky smooth. Ceresa, the daughter of the witches and the order, her star-crossed birth foretold the end of times.

8. Ivy Valentine – Soul Calibur series

Soul Calibur IV ~ Ivy Valentine


Ivy appears as a tall, large busted woman with short, white hair. A bluish-purple leotard covers her torso and arms, with patches of the fabric removed to expose her cleavage, buttocks, and various parts of her abdomen. Similar leggings cover her legs midway below her thighs, connected to the leotard by garters at golden metal bands at their peak. A sleeve of the same material covers her right arm and hand, while armour covers her left arm, hand, and shoulder. A smaller pauldron covers her right shoulder, while high heels cover her feet, and a white glove covers her right hand. The left shoulder pauldron incorporates the Tudor Rose, a traditional heraldic symbol of England, while the plates of the armour were designed to resemble the links of her sword.

A strong and independent woman. Ivy was the illegitimate daughter of Cervantes De Leon the ghost pirate. Who abandoned her and she was soon adopted by two loving parents the Valentines, who were very wealthy. However, that didn’t last long as her adoptive father died obsessing over Soul Edge, a cursed sword. Her adoptive mother soon followed, and revealing that Ivy was adopted while on her deathbed.

7. Hana – Fear Effect

Fear Effect Sedna, Fear Of The Game

Hana pictured centre

Hana is a freelancer of French and Chinese descent who was once a teenage prostitute, and a member of a vast criminal organization known as the Triad. In fact, the Triad still claim her as their property, and it’s in part to earn enough money to buy back her “contract” that she works such high-risk and high-paying assignments. Brash and edgy with a penchant for sarcasm, Hana is as skilful with her tongue as she is with using firearms and piloting vehicles. Able to finagle or flirt her way out of many difficult situations but equally capable of solving problems with weapons if need be. In spite of a demonstrated level of sophistication, she is not above using sex as a weapon.

6. Valeera Sanguinar – World of Warcraft

valeera sanguinar
Valeera Sanguinar is a bloodelf, rogue that was enslaved by the Horde Arena owners. Where she met Broll and Varian Wrynn, the lost king of Stormwind. She is often described as “young, hot and bitter.” She was a survivor of the destruction of Quel’Thalas. Not much is known about her past and holds no loyalty to any of the factions. Only to Varian and Broll.

5. Aerith Gainsborough – Final Fantasy vii

Aerith Gainsborough

Aerith is a plain looking girl who sold flowers in the slums of Midgar. Aerith wears a shin-length pink dress that buttons up the front, and a red bolero jacket. She wears brown boots, and metal bracers on her wrists and around the edges of her jacket sleeves. In all her appearances, Aerith’s long light brown hair is plaited with a large pink ribbon; within the ribbon she keeps the White Materia orb given to her by her mother. Segmented bangs frame Aerith’s face, and she has emerald green eyes. Her plain look doesn’t detract from her beauty but accentuates it. The last remaining ancient. She has been through a lot including the loss of her mother and father. Throughout the game, she is shown to be a kind and innocent young woman, who never thinks twice about sacrificing herself to help those in need. Including the entire planet of Gaia.

4. Palutena – Kid Icarus series

[Image not included]

Palutena, a literal goddess in every sense of the word. Palutena has the appearance of a 22-year-old human woman, with long green hair that reaches down to her lower legs. She stands at around 5’9″ (176 cm), and has an overall elegant and regal appearance, fitting her title as the Goddess of Light. Her main outfit is a relatively simple-looking white dress with numerous gold ornaments to accommodate it.

Interestingly, many aspects of Palutena’s Uprising design parallel Pit’s. Including the gold laurel crown, golden fibula with a red jewel in the centre, vine-like patterns on the hem of her dress, brown-colored footwear, and various gold accessories. She is typically depicted wielding a gold staff with a blue handle and a mirror shield.

She is very intelligent, and witty. Not above teasing Pit or other characters in the series. She is the source of all of Pit’s powers and guides him through his missions, sometimes literally, when she gives him the power of flight. My one negative comment on her attire would be – put on another sock girl!

3. 2B – Nier Automata

The sexiest and thiccest android in gaming, standing 168 cm tall (with heels), and weighing 148.8 kg. Her three sizes are B:84cm, W:56cm, and H:88 cm according to the Official Nier Automata World Guide. Cool, calm, this stoic woman fights for humanity that likely no longer exists in her world. She gained internet fame and notoriety as a meme and as a beautifully designed character. When Yoko Taro, the lead director of the game and known for his eccentricity, found out he asked for a thumbstick filled with adult images of his character.

2. Lancer (Artoria Pendragon) – Fate/Grand Order

[Image not included]


The legendary King of Knights who controlled Britain, King Arthur. And “if” King Arthur who, after rising as a king, made the holy spear its main weapon instead of the holy sword and governed over Britain.

Having lost the growth-halt from the holy sword, she grew to a physical age fitting for a king. She became an existence closer to Divine Spirits due to using the holy spear. But since the period of use was just that of ten-odd years, her mental structure spiritual make-up has not changed too much. She is 171cm Tall and Weighs 57kg.

Lancer’s appearance is similar to those of Artoria, but with more mature features. Due to being a grown up version, Lancer’s figure is tall and curvaceous, clad in silver and blue armour, a cloak, and a helmet carved to resemble a lion’s face with mane. She tied her hair in a bun, but her hair is notably longer than her younger counterpart. In her later ascensions, she wears a gold crown and removes her armour. Unlike the soulless Goddess Rhongomyniad, Lancer’s emerald eyes are full of life, having never lost her heart like the Divine Spirit.

1. Vert – Hyperdimensional Neptunia

Vert is an obsessed video gamer, and while she is usually mature with a calm composure who generally seems to be friendly, at the same time, she will usually put her desires and needs before more important things.

She seems to get tired more than rarely, due to often playing video games instead of working. She deeply cares for her games over her country, and has game posters decorating her place in Leanbox. Additionally, she is very aware of her beauty and tends to sometimes take advantage of it.

Vert is often noticed for being the curviest and busty of the girls and may very well be the oldest. She has long curled light blond hair with long bangs neatly framing her face. She has sad blue looking eyes, that are usually not fully open. Vert wears an emerald green dress with gold markings that shows off her commonly praised huge breasts. Big/loose, light green, and white gloves and along the top part of her skirt is a big peach/orange bow. Around her neck she wears a big piece of white collar with green lining around the bottom and a very thin white cloth connecting the dress and neck piece together. At the centre is a gold circular piece with a small blue gem in the centre and tiny red ribbon with gold in the centre.