We all love a good visual monster that makes us feel like it could actually be real. Today I’m going to count down my Top 15 Monsters in Movies.

There are plenty more than these 15 and the 15 are in no particular order. P.S. – I haven’t included Demons and Dinos. Let’s begin.

1: Cloverfield (Franchise)

J.J. Abrams’ franchise of the linked films made a huge impact; the Clover monster for one is huge and so destructive with the mass of parasites it sheds. You’re able to see the Clover monster fully as it barges into buildings, crumbling them. In 10 Cloverfield Lane we see a different version of the alien monster invasion, this monster being a living alien ship that releases fast smaller monsters to hunt humans. The Cloverfield Paradox shows how the invasion from the other movies started and has a cool Easter egg at the end. How all the movies are linked is complex and creative; the monsters are outstanding and stunning, if you haven’t seen this franchise then you should spend a weekend doing so!

2: King Kong (Franchise)

We all know the king of Skull Island but how about its inhabitants? With Peter Jackson’s and Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ adaptations we see a huge mess of monsters that roam Skull Island for food. We have flesh eating worm like creatures called Carnictis, we have the fast and deadly Skullcrawlers and we have one of my favourites, which is the giant arachnid that stabs people to death with its legs – Mother Longlegs. What a name! The heap of monsters found on Skull Island never ceases to amaze. Can’t wait to see more with the next King Kong film.

3: Godzilla (Franchise)

Godzilla has always been one of the best monsters, caused by radiation mutation. Godzilla from the first film in 1954 has been labelled the king of monsters. Standing above buildings not only is his height immense but the franchise itself with a huge 32 films. The look of Godzilla is awe inspiring especially when you see the devastation of his atomic breath in the newest films. However, there are also a huge number of other monsters throughout the franchise. Looking forward to seeing the atomic breath in Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

4: The Mist (Franchise)

The film and Netflix TV show adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist shows the horrors of when the town of Bridgton (Maine… obviously) gets some bad mist but its what’s in the mist that’s the problem. A government facility atop the mountain is looking into other dimensions and inevitably ends up going wrong. The mist is filled with otherworldly monsters that lurk around every corner and will never allow you to look at some insects again. One of the most brutal and shocking endings I have seen in a horror film. 

5: Alien (Franchise)

“In space no one can hear you scream”, we all know how Alien (1979) changed the genre for jumpy films but the design from H.R. Giger and the special effects by Carlo Rambaldi just makes the Xenomorph astounding! With only about 4 minuets of screen time the shots we had of the Xenomorph still stick with us today. With the newer Alien films we get to see more monsters such as the Neomorphs, more Facehuggers and the giant Trilobite.

6: The Thing (Franchise)

“What is the Thing?” You ask? F*** knows! The Thing is based on the book ‘Who Goes There’ by John W. Campell. The films follow two groups of Antarctic research bases as one by one the humans are assimilated by an alien organism that replicates the host to survive. The monster design is just crazy, it can adapt and morph to the situation and environment to suit what is needed. Some scenes of what the monster can do will change your view on VFX and special effects.

7: Starship Troopers (Franchise)

“Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?” Starship Troppers franchise follows humans colonising new planets when they discover alien insectoids called Arachnids or Bugs. There are quite a few different species on Klendathu with a leader the Brain Bug. The films are almost purely action with gory scenes of how many different ways your body can be cut in half, but it’s worth it. These monsters are fast, brutal and so cool to look at as they demolish armies.

8: Eight Legged Freaks

I love spiders and this throws giant spiders in a comedy film, how can you beat that? After toxic waste enters a lake where spider wrangler feeds his collection of different species of spiders toxic grasshoppers, the spiders grow to giant size. The spiders terrorize the town and seeing the awesome shots of giant spiders run for food over the city is spectacular. If you suffer from arachnophobia then this is the step you need to conquer it. Heads up – the spiders should have won, just saying.

9: The Host

The Host is a Korean monster movie where scientists tip formaldehyde down a drain that leads into the Han river making a fish mutate and grow giant called Gwoemul. The mutant fish then begins to come onto land and capture humans. A not so bright man (Gang-du) ends up losing his daughter and she gets captured by Gwoemul and taken to its food nest. Gang-du then has to save his daughter and kill the Gwoemul. The monster is CGI’d amazingly, the film is a funny with a sophisticated plot with a sound environmental message about the dangers of waste disposal. There was a mention of a second film but that was years ago.

10: The Fly (Franchise)

After Jeff Goldblum discovers how to teleport between space, he begins to try human testing. Unfortunately a fly decides to join him creating a mash up of their genome. Goldblum undergoes a gory and hellish transformation into a human-sized fly. The best bit is when he pulls off his nails! Only David Cronenberg could have made this seem so realistic. The end of the transformation will have you throwing up (you will see what I mean!).

11: Pacific Rim (Franchise)

When monsters begin to pour out of a rift in the Pacific Ocean there’s only one thing to do, build a giant mech suit. The monsters, also called Kaijus, are huge and deadly. They are smart and know how to put up a fight. The incredible CGI put into the Kaijus makes them look so lifelike and even cooler to watch! The action and designs of both the mechs (sorry, Jaegers) will keep you hooked. Also, if you ever see a film called Atlantic Rim (same plot but no connection), it’s a B movie.

12: Trollhunter

Trollhunter is a Norwegian fantasy film about a group of students studying a mass death of bears; they then come across Hans; a troll hunter. The trolls can smell sweat and religious blood meaning that if you panic, you are dead or if you pray, you’re a goner too. The style and creativity that goes into the trolls will make you want to buy a Jeep, mod it and set off hunting. The art done for the trolls also makes them seem a little too real.

13: Cabin in the Woods

Living up to all the Monster fan’s needs, there is every kind of monster you could think of thrown in. As a group of college teens go to a Cabin in the Woods, they begin to find things aren’t right when they mess with artefacts in the cellar. Things go horribly wrong when they find out is all a plot for something deeper and sinister. The monster elevator scene is one that no one could forget and the comedy within the film fits perfectly.

14: Annihilation

When Natalie Portman’s husband goes on a military assignment and comes back a different man, she then gets scooped up by the military and gets shoved into the Shimmer. The Shimmer is able to modify the gene structure of any living organism (refract), meaning the monsters that are in the shimmer look awesome. The bear that gets restructured looks so demonised but the scariest monster is the mimic/duplicate that becomes the mirrored version of the host but much creepier. Awesome twist at the end.

15: A Quiet Place

Such a great movie! When I saw this in the cinema I was so excited from watching the trailer. The monster hunts according to acute sound and can magnify the sound waves to hear even better. The monster itself looks amazing and deadly. The plot revolves around a family after losing their youngest son to a monster and they have to survive without making any sounds. Everything about this film lives up to the hype and more. John Krasinski out-did his first horror monster film, hopefully we can see more of his work.

Thank you and keep watching.