Game critic and commentator John Bain (left), better known as TotalBiscuit, has died aged 33 after publicly battling cancer for 4 years.

The news of John Bain’s death was announced last night by his wife Genna Bain on Twitter, the tweet included a poem dedicated in his memory. Bain publicly announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer on May 2014. Last month, in a lengthy post on Reddit, Bain announced his retirement as a game critic as he devastatingly revealed that his body had become resistant to all forms of conventional chemotherapy and that his liver was failing.

From 2005 to 2010, Bain ran WoW Radio, a popular World of Warcraft fan radio station. In 2010, Bain exploded in popularity when he started producing and uploading gaming videos to his own YouTube channel. His most popular videos were apart of his “WTF is…?” series where Bain would present critiques of video games based on first impressions. Bain produced other popular gaming content for his channel including gaming industry commentaries, gaming news, vlogs and more. Bain had over 2.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Bain was also the host of the Co-Optional podcast (and The Game Station podcast prior to that) where he would discuss gaming and gaming news with his friends and YouTube personalities Jesse Cox and Brooke “Dodger ” Thorne. The podcast usually featured an additional guest and was streamed on his Twitch channel.

Due to Bain’s influence and impact on the gaming industry, his death has sent shock waves across the internet with many people, including family, friends and industry titans, taking to social media to pay tribute. Below are just a few of the many tributes. Our thoughts go out to John Bain’s family, friends and everyone effected by his passing.