Did Venom deserve the bad reviews it’s currently getting? (Spoilers!)

After reading the reviews on the morning of Venom’s release day, and being horrified by one of my favourite comic characters being ravaged, I proceeded to see the film nervously. Sitting down, waiting for the film to start, with a fully packed cinema, my heart raced. As I came out of the screen thoroughly fulfilled with the film, I began to dig deeper into the reviews, and so I want to explain a few points of the film.

First of all, the film is ‘in association with Marvel’, which means it was not made by Marvel studios, but by Sony. This means they wouldn’t have the similar budget that a Marvel film would have, or the full support. I’m not saying this isn’t a Marvel film (it really is!), and for a start of a new character that is fully CGI, they did really well.

There was a lot of discussion that this was the Venom story from Lethal Protector, which it was in a certain way, however there had been multiple Venom storylines linked. This may have been confusing however, the comics are perfect the way they are, and we don’t really want to see it straight from the comics. We want a new view of our characters. Think of it as a fresh story that wasn’t copied but has been modified from the comics, like most of the Marvel films, to show us a completely new version.

It definitely has a Marvel feel. We all understand how Marvel makes films, and how they can appease the enjoyment of both adults and younger audiences. Venom ticks all the boxes, fan favourite character, comedy, strong action, a love interest out of reach, and a pinch of sadness. However, if anything, this movie goes further in depth, as the Symbiotes are definitely different from our average human psyche (minus Thanos’ chin).

Reviews have said that this is not a Symbiote film. I have to disagree, as the whole film pin points that the Symbiotes are half, if not more, of the whole films’ plot; they are both protagonist and antagonist. The opening and development of Eddie is portrayed perfectly, as he loses everything. That means a change needs to happen, and he then begins to grow, which is the prime chunk of most story boarding.

Reviews have also stated that the actors where not a cohesive unit. That statement is questionable, as each actor and character was easy to understand and follow, as the story progressed and intertwined. Not only the actors, but the Symbiotes themselves had crucial roles to conclude a story that is easy to understand and continue. There were also a tonne of Easter Eggs that kept me on my toes!

It seems to me that the reviews which had been released before the premier are now very much disapproved of, as more positive reviews are flooding in. A common question being confusion as to how the film was rated poorly to begin with.

I feel as if everyone is comparing this to other movies and taking literal points of the film and saying the actors, story, and producer should have done better. I feel as if this is new territory for Marvel, as this is their first film portraying an antihero (minus the Punisher films). People wanted Venom and here he is! I believe the film was packed with more than enough for me to enjoy and hope for the second. This is your opinion, and the reviews don’t mean anything. They’re just other opinions, this should be your opinion. so you can decide.

Thank you and keep watching.