Should video games have long-term support? I’m going to be talking about if games with long term support would be a good thing for the company and for the players or if it would be a bad thing.

First, I’m going to start off with an example of a game with long-term support; Monster Hunter: World. It has a 1-year plan at the moment where they said they are going to make content for the game and in that 1-year plan there are rumours that there is going to be a few new areas and plenty more new monsters and with those monsters there is going to be new equipment like weapons and armour to craft from those monsters and as we know so far, most if not all of this new content is going to be free, so all players can enjoy it.

Now how this would benefit the players would be obvious, they will be getting new content to the game which means that they will have a reason to come back to the game every time new content is added to the game meaning they will get more out of the game over a long period of time and the added bonus of not having to pay more for DLC.

On the other hand, the developers will have to put in more time for the game creating all this new content. This could mean that the company won’t be working on other titles depending on how large or small the company is and it is quite expensive to dish out new content for games if it is a lot of new content and especially if most of that content is going to be free.

Now for my opinion on games with long-term support; I think that depending on the type of game you are creating, for my example, Monster Hunter: World, it should have long-term support because with that model of game, you can always add in more areas to explore, new monsters to battle, new skills, new gadgets and gear that can be crafted by players to allow players to make more builds (for their characters) which would mean that players can spend more time in your game and feel like they got their moneys worth out of that game. While single player games could also go down that same route, it would be a risk for the developers because in today’s market, the games that are more successful and survive long-term are the multiplayer games like Overwatch and Fortnite because there is a type of repetition that can be done within those games while single player games have a very good story, game mechanics or art design but once you have completed that game and played the DLC there is not too much of a reason to play it again unless you want to do it on the hardest difficulty or 100% complete the game by collecting and doing everything. There is also the decision on making your DLC paid or free that could be a leading factor with companies deciding to give games long term support because games like Fortnite have a paid model when it comes to customization with your character in the form of Vbucks but Fortnite Battle Royal itself is free to play so when they add in new content it is all free so everyone can play it.

To conclude, as a gamer it is a given when I say I would like games to have long-term support because it means I can get more enjoyment out my games by playing them more, but I do understand if companies can’t do that or if they have a DLC plan that it is paid, I don’t mind spending money on DLC so I can support the developers like single player games.