With Virtual Reality slowly creeping into our lives, of course I had to do an article on where the technology is and where I can go.

                                                (picture from Derren Brown’s Ghost Train)


Derren Brown’s Ghost Train

This is the next step to theme park rides as a whole, where you can be and do anything, or have anything done to you.

After not having a ghost train in Thorpe Park since Phantom Fantasia (1983 – 1993) later re-themed and named to Wicked Witches Haunt (1994 – 2000) after it was destroyed by a fire (not ominous at all); they finally bought back a ghost train in July 2016 with (if you didn’t guess from the title) “Derren Brown’s Ghost Train” and it they’ve stepped up their game with this one (as evident from the picture above).


The ride starts with a pepper’s ghost Illusion of Derren Brown with a speech “You are going to find yourself in a unique experience” he  before finishing with a piece of advice: “If you do find yourself slipping down a rabbit hole, if it all gets too much, close your eyes, it’ll be easy”.

(Advice I would soon follow)


After being rushed onto the Victorian era carriage “suspended” by chains, you are greeted with a similar interior to that of a London underground train (which is much more ghastly what with having experienced the underground at peak time)

And then the ride Began. But I won’t spoil the ride for you, go and experience the ride for yourself. (just be sure to wear the brown underwear)


How Has Virtual Reality Developed Over The Years

The development of virtual reality has been a slow process, that has recently sped up in recent years that to the point where you could own your own device at home, while the origin of VR is disputed partly because of the definition of VR very early on is vague at best, I’ve gone with the “Sensorama” to show how far VR has come.


The Sensorama was an arcade-style theatre cabinet that would stimulate all the senses, not just sight and sound. It featured stereo speakers, a stereoscopic 3D display, fans, smell generators and a vibrating chair. (Shown is the picture)


As you can see this is not anywhere near as compact as the HTC Vive.

Commercial Release

While it’s been a very bumpy ride for the commercial release of VR as shown by Sega’s attempt at releasing to the masses their “Sega VR” headset which was planned to be released for Arcades and consoles (namely Sega Genesis and then the Saturn.)


 Where We’re Going From Here

In 2016 there was at least 230 companies developing VR related products, so who knows how good VR will be in the future; maybe we could live out another life

but for now we can do this, so what more do we need.