A plethora of new technological developments, combined with social, political and economic changes, are leading to significant changes in the way we work. Some of these changes will happen in the next five to ten years, but many will take decades longer.

Key technologies include Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly based on big data and machine learning; automation and robotics; autonomous vehicles, connected homes, smart cities, wearable technologies, Internet of Things, mobile communications and the cloud, are singly and collectively enabling new ways of working and living.  Other significant developments include the sharing economy, new business models, Virtual Reality (VR) and AR, and 3D printing.

However, the future is highly uncertain.  Some developments are predictable but many are not.  Just because something is technologically feasible does not mean it will be adopted.  For every successful technological innovation (such as the iPhone), there are plenty more tech flops – just look at Google Glasses; Apple Watch; and 3D TV.  The same could even happen to AR and VR, although many big tech firms are currently betting on them.  I would like to believe that they will succeed in the next couple of years and I’m very exited to see were we will be at in 30 years time! Here at EOB  we have asked one of the ultimate questions how advanced will technology be in 30 years time?!