Want To Game And Stay Healthy?

While we all love our Doritos and easy snacks that we can just reach for and munch, let’s be honest they ain’t the best for us, are they?


So we here at Enemy of Boredom thought why not help you guys out with some tips and tricks on how to keep healthy and game at the same time.


Keeping your brain on top form.

There are many foods that keep your brain healthy and, let’s not lie, after god knows how many hours playing games we all feel drained (as well as writing articles, send help).

But what you don’t want is to feel drained during the gaming sesh’ with these foods it can really help you on your way to being a pro.


Containing vitamin K and folate, Avocados help prevent blood clots in the brain which helps with function of the brain, while also been proven to help with heart problems, blood pressure, losing weight and helping with symptoms of arthritis.



As well as being packed with vitamins and antioxidants they’re really good at protecting our brain from degeneration.  



Yes as much as it pains us to admit our mums were right, they were. Broccoli is fantastic for you (surprise! Vegetables are good for you) it’s got so many vitamins that just one cup can contain up to 150% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C



While not the most flavoursome in our list (personal opinion) it’s amazing for just about every part of you, other than what I’ve mentioned in the others on this list an interesting fact about this veg is that it takes more calories to eat this than it gives you back.


Dark Chocolate

Yes. I know, I didn’t think so either but before you go and munch a box of celebrations, it’s not all chocolate, most of the stuff in the supermarkets isn’t what you want, it’s highly processed with few benefits to it. What you should be looking for is 80% plus and then you’re onto something.


Rule of thumb would be “the darker the better”
While there are many more foods and lifestyle changes to be made before you don’t die of betes, these few foods can be implemented to give your body a boost up in those ranked leader boards of life.